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Going through the process of adopting a puppy can be an intimidating experience. Here at San Tan Doodles, we endeavor to ensure you have a pleasant experience with us as breeders and we hope you feel totally comfortable with the process from start to finish. Click here to learn more about the adoption process.


Katie is a 38lbs Red Tri Australian Shepherd. She has crystal clear blue eyes, a sought after look in an Aussie! Katie loves to run and play with her doggie brother, and also with her owner's 2 year old son. She is extremely smart and loves to please her owners. 


Huxley’s temperament is what makes this boy most stellar. He is very sweet and cuddly, and has great human focus, extremely smart, and has a great off-switch, with a nice low energy. He is very friendly and does not have any ‘stranger danger,’ and is very loyal to “his people.” He is playful but definitely has a calm, low energy and can settle quickly. He is double furnished, pretty much non-shedding & has an extremely soft, wavy coat.

Katie & Huxley

Tri-Color Merle & Tri-Color Aussie Mountain Doodles

Birth Date: June 3rd, 2024

Take Home Date: July 29th, 2024



Puppy 1:  Breeder's Pick

Puppy 2:  Jake B.

Puppy 3:  Scott C.

Puppy 4:  available

Puppy 5:  available

Puppy 6:  available

Puppy 7:  available

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Lady is a 65lbs, AKC registered, Bernese Mountain Dog. With striking Bernese markings, she comes from Champion bloodlines, and is clear of all genetic diseases! Lady is the sweetest girl, she loves her people family fiercely. She is very loyal and makes friends with everybody, both children and adults alike.


Kona is a beautiful 45lb Multigenerational Merle Bernedoodle. He has a full blaze and is completely clear of all genetic defects. Kona's owner swears he can understand what she’s saying and only has to tell him not to do something once; he’s very smart. He loves EVERYONE and loves to snuggle. He goes on long hikes every weekend with his dad. He loves to adventure, play and be goofy!

Lady & Kona

Tri-Merle & Traditional-Merle
Ultra Bernedoodles

Birthday: Fall 2024

Take Home Date: Winter 2024



Puppy 1:  available

Puppy 2:  available

Puppy 3:  available

Puppy 4:  available

Puppy 5:  available

Puppy 6:  available

Puppy 7:  available

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